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Basics about me:
Accomplice of the Crowmindactyl, Kaleidoscopic Goddess & Keeper of Rainbow Meadow 🌈
• Name: Padahpin
• I speak for the trees
• Future ♥ Mrs. RnGG ♥
→ engaged 08/15/2021 ♥
• Our kids are
“Pink Leader & Venom Gamer”
• We have 5 cats
→ Katniss, Junior, Milo, Luna & Alice
• My dog’s name is Koda Kodiak
→ he thinks he’s a lap dog…
• Author of The Lore of The Crowmindactyl
Panda Nation Advocate
• Founder of Gamers Against Granulomas
→ A fundraising team for Sarcoidosis charities
• I have too many favorite colors to count
• Favorite food → French fries
• I use my hairbrush as a microphone
• I love to sing ♪♫♫♪♪♫
• I love to dance
• I love to take pictures
• I daydream & doodle
• I am a Disney movie addict!
• I have a music playlist for every mood
• I laugh really easily and really loud
• I like to talk with a fake British accent
• I love living in the moment
• I am kind of lazy